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The Special Without Brett Davis

  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network 537 West 59th Street Staten Island NY 10306 (map)

With Brett still feeling a little out-of-sorts, we're passing the show along to some of our favorite performers from across the comedy spectrum for our first-ever Hanukkah Special!

Professional comedians Josh Gondelman & Seth Herzog will judge amateur comedian Mr. Jokes' Eight Crazy Hanukkah Jokes!

Big laughs from David Bluvband, Marcia Belsky, Nick Naney, Sally Burtnick, Rachel Kaly, Marissa Goldman, Hayden Maxwell, Matt Porter & more!

Bandleader Simon leads a full klezmer band!

And music from Dylan Mars Greenberg!

And none of Brett's pesky negative energy to darken this festival of lights! Tune in this Wednesday at BRETTDAVIS.RIP at 11pm EST or attend live at 537 West 59th St! (RSVP is not necessary but email for more info!) Bring your family and friends!

- Dale Seever, MNN Wellness Advisor