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Alec Lambert plays the music of Twin Peaks II: Visual Concert by “A Thing Both Odd and Peculiar” and Illustrated Lecture by Alec Lambert

  • Over The Eight 594 Union Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)


You requested it and now it’s back!

An encore presentation of ‘Alec Lambert Plays the Music of Twin Peaks!’


After four months of tedious contract negotiations Alec Lambert has decided to return to ‘Alec Lambert Plays the Music of Twin Peaks!’ This one’s for the fans… You won’t believe the cameos!



Welcome to the town of Twin Peaks where everything's just a little bit odder than usual...


Have you ever noticed how A. Cooper is always drinking coffee and remarking about it?

Have you ever wondered how creepy it is in the creepy room with the black and white ZIG zag floor?

And just what *is* recorded on that tape recorder?


If you’ve wondered those things then you are a true Twin Peaks fan and this is your chance to experience it LIVE! 

Performing as ‘a thing both odd and peculiar,’ musician Alec Lambert (White Rope, Black Fax, We Know The Devil, DJ Jeep Grand Cherokee) presents his interpretation of Angela Badulomenti's infamous 'Twin Peaks' score LIVE over an episode of Mr. David Lynch's classic television show.


A little bit creepy… And just a little bit odd and unusual too!… This is certainly what the doctor ordered… The doctor from Twin Peaks toward the end that is! 

(Remember him? The doctor with the hawaiian shirt and the glasses? Comment if you remember him, the Doctor)


This is THE premiere live scoring event of the season and you will not want to miss this rare opportunity.


Featuring an all-Twin Peaks-themed stand-up comedy set by infamous All Star comedian Steve "Mr. Jokes" Whalen!!


and Now featuring:

An Illustrated Lecture by Twin Peaks historian Alec Lambert!

You won’t want to miss this lecture as it ZIGS through the odd and often sometimes even strange anals of Mr. Lynch’s odd TV creation.


“Itchy palms, Mr. Cooper?”

“Mmm that IS a tastey coffee! I’m sorry did I break your concentration?”





Wohs eht yojne esaelp!


Thursday August 18th, 6:30 PM

Over The Eight



Dress code: Black and white zig zags but also with a little bit of red and also green too

Immediately preceding the JOKERS ONLY MIC!


Alec Lambert is an NYC-based musician, filmmaker and historian of Mr Lynch’s epic and oddly twisted adventure show Twin peaks. He can be found on Twitter as @aleclambert, sharing curious information about the show Twin Peaks you might not have noticed unless you looked carefully. He is available for hire if you would like the premiere historian of Mr. David Lynch’s odd and offbeatedly peculiar show from TV Twin Peaks to speak at your institution or establishment.