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Mort and Sol: 100 Years

  • Over The Eight 594 Union Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

Oy Vey! Do we have a show for you? We, Mort and Sol, have been a comedy duo (on and off) more or less for 100 years. Our managers have put together this special box set with all our work and they're calling it, "Mort and Sol: 100 Years" I know, I know, real original. But it's not they're fault. They're not creative people. What can you do? Abi gezunt.

In honor of the release we will be reuniting to host a comedy show with our absolute favorite young comedians. These kids, you got no idea what you're in for. They're good. Would we lie to you? What do we have to lose? Geh shlog dein kup en vant.

We got some real good comics. We got David Feldman. A true mensch! In fact I never met a David Feldman I didn't like.

Tim Dillon will be there. And who knows what his real name is? Everybody goys it up so they can make it in the Midwest. Why not? Good for business. My name under the tsar was 30 letters long. Gentiles don't like that.

We got Julio Torres. My great-nephew loves this kid. So he must be big on the computers or something. 

Katie Hannigan who is a true comedic genius. And I'm not saying that because I need to borrow money. Although I got a sure thing on Villanova this year. I know the guy that sells them "steroids." Not a good guy, but we're all doing our best here. What can I do? Forget I know it?

Finally we have "Mr Shtick" himself, Steve Whalen. Good kid. Used to sell us gags in front of the Stage delicatessen, but now he's doing his own thing. Good stuff.

So there it is. That's our show. And it'll be fun. Why not? Come by. Have a piece of cake. Buy a copy of our video box set or what have you.

Nu? You want I should sweeten the pot? Fine! Maybe we'll be premiering a previously lost clip from the box set? Who's to say? Shalom.

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