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  • Over The Eight 594 Union Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

I grab my magic snowglobe.
I shake it up and down.
I wish for one last party
'fore my friends go out of town.

A laser blasts into the sky
from in the glassy dome
I look up to the heavens
and, spelled out, was this poem:

"Rummy, wish no further,
for what you want is granted.
You'll have yourself a night of cheer
and comedy, enchanted!

You did it Christmas last year
and the year before that, even!
Everyone brings holiday bits to do
and you leave the place believin'

that you made a good choice moving here,
you found your truest friends,
you love each and every one of them,
(even those who can't attends!)

So for a third year in a row,
give yourself the gift
of your buddies up there on the stage!
Your spirits they will lift!"

That laser really got it right,
it's exactly what I needed.
It's words rang true, like christmas bells,
and it's words I promptly heeded.

If you've read this far, you're on the show! 
It's holiday themed, as always!
Drop by and laugh, drink, and perform
Enjoy this bar's halcyon days!

...LONG POEM SHORT: As a Christmas gift to MYSELF, I'd once again like to assemble a rollicking warm 'n fuzzy ring-tang-tingling HOLIDAY COMEDY SPECTACULAR featuring holiday performances from all my friends and loved ones. And that's YOU guys! 

Bring your short holiday bits, your holiday jokes, your holiday songs, sketches, videos, stories, and characters! I wanna see 'em all!

Joe Rumrill
as always, wonderful flyer by Mikey Heller!