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The Terrible Them // 8pm // October 22

“The Terrible Them” is a comedic John Carpenter-inspired play about disgraced journalist Clay Fishman. When a hot scoop gets him back in the game, he rises from squalor to break the story of a lifetime. With the help of his estranged spunky pre-teen daughter and a loose cannon conspiracy theorist, Clay must save his career, while saving the human race from an alien invasion.


“The Terrible Them” is written and directed by Gonzalo Cordova and Nick Naney, with original visual effects and synth soundtrack composed by Steven DeSiena.


Sebastian DiNatale
Tynan DeLong
Mary Houlihan
Nick Naney
Joe Rumrill
Brad Austin
Matthew Maragno
Tim Unkenholz
Maria Wojciechowski
& more!